We work with your business to scale effectively.

We are experts in the international market and will grow your business globally.

We offer sales, marketing and business development services for your niche products.

We work with you and your products to fit them to global needs.

Why our

Founded in 2015 Vienna, IKM Consulting is a professional brand of like-minded people who help companies to make efficient decisions on a global scale.

Our main focus is internationalization for businesses in the electrical industry. Over the short time, we have established a network of local partners located across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and North America.

Business leaders come to us to solve industry-defining challenges in international strategy, organization, investment, mergers and acquisitions, across all geographies.

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Our Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in the electrical engineering field. Using this knowledge along with our expert business services, we provide consulting for companies offering specialty products to the following industries:

  • High Voltage Transmission
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Power Generation
  • Public Utilities

"We can make money together or we can lose money together, but what I like is that we always work as a team even though we are two different companies"

CEO of electrical distribution company – Spain

"When you (IKM Consulting) promises me something, you make it happen"

CEO/Owner of electrical distribution equipment company – Portugal

"Most of all, we appreciate the loyalty that IKM Consulting provides to it's customers."

President of silicone manufacturer – USA


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How Do We Grow Your Business? You may be wondering how we are able to...

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