Since it was established in 2015, IKM Consulting has strove to be the preferred international business development partner for businesses with niche products in the electrical industry. Today, we can proudly say that we have worked on countless projects and generated millions of revenue for our clients with our highly experienced international team based in Vienna, Austria.


Motivated by over 25 years in the electrical engineering field, we are dedicated to our mission to expand our clients reach into the global market


We take results very seriously and aim to supply our clients with the best possible services available including: stellar support, increased sales, operational efficiency and clear communication.

Who We Are

IKM Consulting provides professional business development, sales, and marketing services for our clients.

Organizations hire IKM Consulting to perform Business Development activities that include benchmarking current sales activities, analyzing market opportunities, development of strategic market planning, new customer acquisition, maximization of current accounts, and sales force development and training. IKM Consulting acts on behalf of our clients to identify opportunities, strengthen partner relationships, and assist them in closing sales in their perspective line of business. To their clients, we are a full-time employee of the organization. In addition, IKM Consulting can utilize client services to deliver engagements on our behalf as part of our strategic partner "eco-system".

At IKM Consulting we realize that companies may need some assistance in diversifying their customer base or penetrating the international market. This is the core of our business development service, to create opportunities and expand our clients business to the global market.

About Our Founder


Imad Kanouni

My goal was clear: How can I help these companies providing amazing solutions to reach the global market?

Being a young electrical engineer, I was always restless and was seeking ways to improve the industry I was part of. Throughout the past 20 years, I went from distribution to transmission, from protection to testing, from construction to maintenance. I started to get a good overall view of something close to my heart: The “High Voltage Sector”, and with it came the struggles the industry had to deal with. Back then, my attention shifted to the very specific challenges which electrical utilities were facing, such as power outages due to the leakage current on insulators and wildlife induced blackouts.

As I transitioned into building IKM Consulting I found out that there are many companies who are very good at what they do providing amazing solutions to the common, or not so common, issues in the electrical industry. However, with certain cultural limitations it does not always allow or frame them for expanding outside of their home countries. When these companies want to go internationally, they need to adapt their businesses to connect to global cultures and global market norms. I found out that I had a natural talent for helping them do this.

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