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How Do We Grow Your Business?

You may be wondering how we are able to offer our consulting services to our clients and bring them the results that they need. Perhaps you've been browsing through our website and you have some interest in what we have to offer but you need a bit more information before contacting us. Well, this article is designed to do exactly that! The following is the basic framework we use for our clients that has made us successful in over 1100 projects, generated millions in revenue and expanded our clients businesses successfully to the international market.

If you are interested in more information beyond this article we suggest that you download our company brochure or better yet, send us a message and we can schedule a meeting to talk about how we can solve your internationalization challenge.


Our Framework


Build Your Team

We assign a sales professional or team of sales professionals to your account that you can contact at any time through a dedicated business line. You will also have access to a CRM system to keep track of your accounts with us.


Competitive Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive survey of your business's competitive environment, including:

  • Pricing policies
  • Terms and conditions
  • Methods to market
  • Logistic and operational practices
  • Sales and marketing activities


Lead Generation

To determine who your most lucrative potential business prospects are, we use our own proprietary in-house databases, comprising exclusive market information about well-established, well-respected OEMs, manufacturers, and distributors. We use this database to accurately target the market segments most compatible with your business.


Lead Qualification

After a solid foundation of leads has been acquired, we proceed to precisely target each lead by:

  1. Contact companies to introduce your business and explain its benefits.
  2. Qualify potential leads according to predetermined criteria.
  3. Sending detailed information about your product or service to the most promising leads.
  4. Following up to determine how your companies might be mutually beneficial to each other.


Sales Calls and Business Trips

When a company is trying to present its most compelling sales pitch to a busy prospect, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Here's how we can help:

  • Set and execute sales calls with the best potential clients.
  • Arrange and manage travel itinerary.
  • Comprehensively prepare the introductory meeting, including presentation material.
  • Personally accompany the customer to meetings and follow-ups.
  • Devise new strategies based on continuous analysis.
  • Attend trade fairs.

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