Midsun IKM | International Business Development Division of Midsun Group
Midsun Group Inc.

Client Since 2015

Midsun Group Inc. is a North American manufacturer of RTV insulator coatings, anti-corrosive silicone coatings and wildlife outages protective covers, and is considered a dominant player in this niche business across the United States of America. IKM Consulting partnered with Midsun to create the international business division Midsun IKM, to bring their products into the global market.

Product Offer

Midsun Group Inc. produces products that has helped power utility companies prevent flashovers and damage due to animal related outages, insulator contamination and corrosion. Their products are designed to help users save millions of repair cost dollars. Midsun has manufactured long lasting RTV coating for high voltage insulators, anti-corrosive silicone coatings and wildlife protective silicone covers since 1992.

  • Global applicators network
  • Demonstrations and training
  • Turnkey Services
  • Multilingual service and experts
  • Custom-made solutions and products
  • Fast delivery

The Solution

The Challenge

As a mid-sized company in the electrical industry selling niche B2B products, Midsun realized that there was a completely untapped market for their products internationally.

Midsun had spent many years developing and producing these high quality products but were only selling them in the North-American market. They realized that their solutions could help electrical utilities worldwide and that they needed to expand. This is where IKM Consulting came into the picture.

The Results

IKM Consulting provided Midsun will all the knowledge of the international market, sales experience, and business development abilities to successfully scale their business.

To do this, IKM Consulting created a separate entity called Midsun IKM that serves as the international business development unit for Midsun’s products.

Since it’s inception in 2015, Midsun IKM has been responsible for a 30% increase in global brand expansion, millions in revenue per year and countless new opportunities acted upon.

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