Electricity & Power Generation

The Power Industry is the backbone of the industrial world, supplying essential energy to industrial, manufacturing, commercial and residential customers around the globe.

In developed economies with mature power markets, investment is driven by transition of fuel and energy sources, increased environmental legislation and an ever-aging generation fleet and transmission/distribution infrastructure. In contrast, developing economies continue to expand their power bases to meet growing demand for electricity-starved regions. For these reasons, the Power Industry continues to have the largest investments and number of projects in the industrial world.

IKM Consulting Info offers the most extensive market intelligence for the Power Industry, providing timely and accurate information. Our global partners identify and constantly update key details regarding project spending in the industry. In addition to identifying and tracking important information on capital and maintenance project events, we also provide vital details on equipment in existing power stations. This includes information for the generation and T&D sectors as well as emerging segments such as battery storage and micro-grids.

Our Experience

For five years, IKM Consulting has been providing consultancy and business development services for power stations both in the USA and Europe. In recent years we have expanded our activities to incorporate services aimed at Austrian and international power grid operators.

Our consultants can provide services to the whole electric power sector, regardless of the kind of installation or voltage level. IKM Consulting can also offer local and project management services tailored to the needs of the electric power industry. We perform everything from technical studies to complete, interdisciplinary design projects.

Our services include consultancy, project management for all voltage levels, ranging from the regional transmission and distribution grid up to the national grid, including grid control systems, and low and high voltage auxiliary systems and complete earthing systems. IKM Consulting also supplies equivalent services to leading companies in the wind power and photovoltaics/solar energy sectors.

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Areas We Work

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Processes & Projects We Have Experience In

Electrical utility tenders

We are experienced in all stages of electrical utility tenders including: procurement processes, working with EDP's, product qualification and strategic partnerships.

Substation maintenance

With our years of electrical engineering experience we are familiar with all elements of substation maintenance and the requirements necessary for safe application of protective products in energized and de-engergized conditions.

Turnkey projects

Our team is experienced in organizing a wide variety of turnkey projects for our clients.  We can manage all aspects of the process including: applicator teams, training, safety procedures, contracting and certifications.

High voltage insulators

IKM Consulting has vast experience in the high voltage insulator industry and have many partners worldwide that cover all aspects of any related projects. From manufacturing partners to insulator coating, accessories and tender processes we can offer our deep level of experience in this area to our clients.

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