Benefits of outsourcing business
development with IKM Consulting

IKM Consulting offers business development services to our clients with the main aim of contributing to the international scaling of their business. We offer these services by offering direct and indirect support to our clients. Direct support comes in the forms of strategic advice, arranging introductions, pursuing opportunities, finding distributors and actively participating in projects. Indirect support comes through distributor training, digital platform management and expanding our knowledge base of the electrical industry.

Our aim in business development is twofold. Firstly, to expand our clients reach in terms of opportunity and exposure. Secondly, to identify which factors are a bottleneck to their growth and to develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

We do this through a variety of methods including: detailed market analysis reports, relationship building, actively seeking utility tenders, developing strategic partnerships with other vendors and EPC’s and educational programs for the end users about our client’s products.

The Way We Work

Relationships are everything to us at IKM Consulting. We believe that developing trust, respect and consistency with our clients, partners, distributors and our client’s customers is the most effective way to build businesses.

Our business development services provide value through the following processes:

  • Market analysis
  • Strategic outreach and meeting organization
  • Partner relationship building
  • Development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Scaling tactics

Think our business development methods can help your company scale? We would love to have a conversation with you to analyze where your business is currently at and see how we can help you grow in an effective and sustainable way.

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Market Analysis

We offers the most extensive market intelligence for the power industry and provide you with timely and accurate information

Strategic Partnerships

We seek out and build relationships with the perfect partners necessary for your products.

Project Management

We provide our services to manage your international projects at every step of the process.