Benefits of outsourcing
sales with IKM Consulting

With over 25 years of experience in international sales and electrical engineering, founder Imad Kanouni created IKM Consulting in 2015. Since then the company has grown and added dedicated sales and marketing teams to outsource these services for companies who want to expand globally.

IKM Consulting has helped our clients to:

  • Gain insight into how the international market operates
  • Develop sustainable and effective strategies for growth
  • Access to opportunities and contacts that would have otherwise been impossible to connect with.

Additionally, IKM Consulting offers our clients finely tuned sales processes and resources that come at a cost much lower than it would to develop on their own. This is why IKM Consulting has been so successful in delivering results and beneficial business relationships with our clients.

Are you thinking about scaling your business internationally but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you don’t have the resources to do it on your own? Schedule a meeting with us and we can determine if IKM Consulting services are the right fit for your business.

Our Sales Process

Market research
First we’ll determine in which market has need for your products, which regions or countries are a good fit and determine a strategy to introduce your catalog

Lead Generation
Our sales team will get to work finding the right qualified leads to talk to and begin outreach to develop relationships, create a sales pipeline, share product information and generate interest.

Opportunities & Relationships
We then nurture the interested leads and decision makers and examine opportunities through customer meetings and presentation sessions.

Repeat & Scale
Once we have a concrete system in place and relationships built with growing sales revenue and operational procedures, we determine which initiatives are most effective and begin the process to scale the sales for your business.

International Sales Marketing Services



We are experienced in the best possible strategies for introducing your product to the international market and attracting the right people to meet your needs.


Our highly-qualified team can handle all aspects of obtaining new sales including lead generation and nurturing as well as opportunity discovery.


Our team can manage all inbound sales aspects including: operations, accounts and communication

Additional benefits we offer

Expanded Customer Base

Choosing to work with IKM Consulting means an automatic expansion of your customer base through our wide network around the world. Besides our access to many electrical utilities around the world, we also have a vast distributor network located in over 60 countries.

Increased Revenue

It may be obvious, but expanding your products into the international market means a huge boost for your yearly and quarterly revenue reports. The benefit is that this revenue increase is completely outsourced to us at IKM Consulting. As the experts in the international electrical market we can guarantee your business will see growth. We have made millions for our existing clients and are happy to do the same for you.

Comprehensive Sales Process Management

Our sales team understands that to scale your business, smooth processes must be established to guarantee sustainability and clear communication. That is why our sales team is dedicated to developing the most efficient and clear processes to keep the orders for your products running smoothly.